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PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk (Vale) is a subsidiary of Vale, the world's second biggest mining company headquartered in Brazil. Established in Indonesia in 1968, this company (formerly PT International Nickel Indonesia or PT Inco) has been committed to continuously provide optimum results and benefits to its stakeholders.

Vale strives to unite the sense and awareness of the entire Vale communities with a single vision, mission and collective set of values. We are committed to become a profitable company, a safe place to work with a pleasant environment, and a company that respects local culture and community.

In optimizing the results and benefits to stakeholders, Vale is committed to enhance its long-term growth strategy. The strategy was prepared by taking all challenges into consideration as well as opportunities at the global, national, regional and local levels.

We are currently operating in Sulawesi Island under a Contract of Work (CoW) agreement with the Indonesian Government. The company signed the initial CoW agreement with the government on July 27, 1968. On Jan. 15, 1996, we signed an agreement regarding the modification and extension of the original CoW, effective from April 1, 2008, to Dec. 28, 2025.

The initial area of our company's concession was 218,528 hectares:118,387 hectares in Sorowako, South Sulawesi; 63,506 hectares in Pomalaa, Southeast Sulawesi; and 36,635 hectares in Bahodopi, Central Sulawesi.

Moreover, the government approved the relinquishment of a total land area of approximately 28,000 hectares or 12.8 percent of the total CoW area in 2010. After the relinquishment, our CoW area is now about 190,000 hectares in total.

We’re proud to be benchmark for Efficiency, Real Growth, Sustainability and Reputation

Geotechnical Engineer (Code : GEOEN-ER)

Position Requirements:
  • Minimum S1 in Mine, Geology, or Civil Engineering.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in geotechnical field and engineering.
  • Have ability to develop geotechnical standards, and conducting geotechnical assessment, and have knowledge of geotechnical and mine environmental in supporting mine production activities.
  • Preferred have experience and sufficient knowledge in geotechnical site investigation, laboratory, modelling, and software application.
Position Responsibilities

Purpose of the role:
  • To perform geotechnical assessment, field monitoring, develop and produce standards in geotechnical related activities to ensure safe and environmentally reliable production, and providing geotechnical expertise and services to other departments at PT Vale Indonesia Tbk.
  • Assist Manager of Geotechnical & Hydrology in developing an effective assessment system and best practice to track/monitor geotechnical issue and related works
  • Review technical design and planning of mining activities such as opening pit, disposal, mine haul road (MHR), stockpile and some other mine facilities to ensure no slope stability issue appears in the proposed design.
  • Actively monitor active mine faces, disposal and other civil structures for potential risk areas and compare against design requirements
  • Review monitoring data on a regular basis to ensure mine faces, disposal and other civil structures are still in stable condition and not failing
  • Liaise with Mine Engineering and Geology to collect pertinent data in regards to slope stability and design.
  • Communicate problem areas with Mine Engineering, Geology and Mine Operations.
Lanscape And Groundwork Supervisor (Code: LGWS-ER)

Position Requirements:
  • D3/S1 Landscape Architect is a must
  • 3 year (S1) and 5 years (D3) working in planning, design, implementation, maintenance supervision of softscape and hardscape
  • Good English, having experiences dialing with contractors, and able to use landscape and design software is preferable
Position Responsibilities

Purpose of the Role:
  • Conduct maintenance of town landscape includes planning and design, nurturing and implementation, maintenance for overall soft-scope and hard-scope within high quality standard of services to meet customers expectation
  • Planning and controlling on contractor activities to cut grass, cut tree and maintain all landscape at town area.
  • Planning and controlling disposal garbage in town area and other public facilities
  • Planning, designing, and reviewing macro and micro landscape (softscape and hardscape) at town area.
  • Preparing cost estimate, delivery maintenance and new construction of landscape within General Facilities & Services Area with agreed cost and standard quality.
  • Working with other Department to assist event preparation or other supporting services activities.
Senior Civil & Structural Engineer (Code:SCVSE-ER )

Position Requirements:
  • Minimum Education & Experience:
  • University degree in civil & structural engineering discipline.
  • Minimum 8 years civil & structural engineering design on heavy industrial plant, with some cross discipline project experience is preferable.
Technical Specialization:
  • Possess sound working knowledge of civil & structural system design and applicable international Codes and Standards (AISC, ACI, ASTHO, ASTM, AS etc), including ability to conduct manual calculation & utilize computer aid design software (i.e. STAAD Pro, SAP 2000).
  • Possess practical knowledge of construction method used for steel, concrete, timber and others metal structural.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge in civil & structural material specification and quality control.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge in metal siding (roofing and wall cladding) – industrial and non industrial application.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge in civil & structural materials specification and selection and cost effective analysis.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge in earthwork and foundation design.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge in open & close drainage system design, including basic knowledge in waste and sewage treatment design.
  • Possess basic knowledge in geotechnical engineering, including but not limited to site investigation, soil inspection and testing.
  • Possess basic knowledge in survey and site planning used for engineering design.
  • Posess basic knowledge in sealed road and pavement engineering design.
  • Possess in depth knowledge and understanding of others engineering disciplines (electrical, instrumentation & mechanical)
  • Possess sound knowledge on the Project Management skill, engineering design, construction and maintenance management.
  • Possess working knowledge of construction safety policies & practice
  • Possess good leadership and communication skills
  • Possess English communication skill – fluent in both written and spoken
Position Responsibilities

Purpose of the Role:
  • To provide Civil & structural Engineering Technical Expertise to support all works related to Engineering Department’s Accountability. To undertake engineering design function for capital and operating projects for complex scope of work, to meet the project requirement and PTVI standards.
  • To be a technical reviewer for other civil & structural engineer’s conceptual design, engineering calculation, engineering report, engineering specification, material requisition and Engineering Work Package (EWP).
  • Comply with all PTVI and Engineering Department EHS procedures, standards and policies in Engineering Project area.
  • Develop conceptual, preliminary and detail engineering design for the project considering performance, constructability, maintainability and functionality. Identify any risks, restriction comply with EHS and government regulation.
  • Develop project schedule and cost estimate, identify critical path and major expenditure. Monitor project progress for report to project manager and maintain the progress based on the planning.
  • Prepare tender and contract documentation, review the technical aspects of incoming bids and recommend the preferred bidder.
  • Maintain, develop and implement a quality control methodology in an engineering project, ensure that quality control is implemented in all projects correctly.
  • Provide civil & structural engineering technical expertise to support PTVI operating & maintenance across all PTVI dept.
  • Identify, develop, implement & monitor improvement program and initiatives for the civil & structural facility in his area of responsibility.
  • Identify, develop, initiatives improvement for PTVI equipment of his area responsibility to be able to operate with high reliability and availability to achieve PTVI Goals
  • Identify, develop, justify and implement cost saving initiatives for civil & structural facility in his area responsibility
  • Provide coaching to engineering staffs (engineers and designers) in improved design method, quality and minimize design production time.
Terms and Condition:
  • Please submit your CV, recent photograph, copy of proof of work experience, copy of academic certificate (all attachment only in pdf format), to pti_recruiting@vale.com (PT VALE only processes application sent to this email address).
  • Position name and code MUST be written on email subject.
  • Closing date is on May 18, 2012 at 4pm.
  • Only applicants that meet requirements with complete documents as required above will be notified for further selection process
E-mail : pti_recruiting@vale.com
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